Friday, November 4, 2011


So Saturday was supposed to be the big skydive reschedule, but it was raining so they cancelled and pushed us back to Sunday.  Woke up Sunday, it was a beautiful sunshiney day--a perfect day to jump out of a plane.  Left my house, went by to pick up my friend CJ and started our trip up to DC.  30 minutes into the car ride, I got a call...dun dun dun.  CANCELLED AGAIN!  This time the "runway was flooded"  I am really beginning to wonder if this place actually exists.  So we are no rescheduled to go on November 14th, and I am taking a day off of work, so fingers crossed that it wont be rainy for days before or the day of, that it wont be windy and that it will be above 50 degrees (just so I don't freeze)!!!

In other news, I promised a recap of Footloose.  I LOVED IT!  Albeit, it was a chick flick and there were some corny parts but the dancing was fantastic and the general story was great.  If you don't catch it in the theaters, no doubt it will be at a Redbox near you in a few  short months!

This weekend I am kicking it in town and spending a lot of the weekend at church.  I was nominated to be a deacon at my church and as such, I have training and teaching this weekend for that.  Next weekend I am headed to Norfolk to see the cutest little boy in the whole awesome nephew!  Then the weekend after that who knows what.  I can hardly believe we are already in the month of November.  Just 51 days until Christmas, isn't that unbelievable?  However, do not think you will catch me decorating or listening to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving.  I am keeping with tradition and just celebrating the ONE holiday at a time. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

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