Friday, December 9, 2011

Blah! Blah! Blah!

So we are a few days out of my last post and although my head, nasal, etc. has all cleared out, no fever, and a little more energy.  I have still had a hard time getting my appetite back.  I have been having nausea on and off for the better part of the week, which has not been fun.  I am not hungry most of the time, but if I can try to eat something I have been but then it seems that just makes me feel worse.  So as I am coming out of this sickness, I am trying to regain strength and the best way to do that is the nutrients in food, but I am lucky these days if I can manage 2 pieces of toast.  I am looking forward to a somewhat low key weekend.  I am still not sleeping too great (that is in some thanks to my lovely dog, who seems to think its a fantastic idea to wake up at 5am!).  So although things are improving, I am still not 100%.  On a few fun notes, my friend Allison is going to be in town briefly tonight and tomorrow from Hilton Head :)  Also, I am getting together with some friends tomorrow for some bowling.  And the best news of all...16 days til Christmas!  :)  Enjoy the season everyone!

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