Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Germs are ICKY!

So I have been battling with the flu for about 10 days now.  I say battling because I thought I was getting better for like two days somewhere in there.  Now the days are just running together as I am trying to actual get some sleep and manage work and other commitments too.  How do people that have kids do this?  I cannot imagine trying to care for another human being in my less than stellar state.  All in all, I took about two days off of work, but now I am back to the grind and trying to wrap up stuff before the year end.  Which leaves me totally worn out by the time I get home.  I still have some of my Christmas decorations in a box to get put up, but I keep thinking I will have more energy one of these days.  I am currently dreaming of the day when I will feel all better....it has to happen sometime, right?

My vacationing has started dwindling as it always does around this time of year.  I did however go to Christmastown this past weekend with my friend CJ.  It was quite cute, I wish we had a little more time to spend there but we were rushing to try to get back for the big ACC championship game.  However, after further review, I wish we had spent more time at Christmastown and less watching the Hokies get killed by the Clemson tigers.  :(  But at least we still managed to swing a bid to the Sugar Bowl (who the heck knows how that happened).  On our quick drive to Williamsburg and back, CJ and I started talking about 2012 vacation and we may have decided to do what I determine will be an amazing adventure.  We are thinking about doing a 7 states in 7 days vacation tour of the mid-west.  Stay tuned to see if this idea comes to fruition :)

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