Friday, January 13, 2012

Just a little jaunt....

I am leaving this afternoon for a quick little jaunt up to Northern Virginia for the weekend.  I will likely get there tonight about 8pm (assuming traffic is not too much of an issue) and will be headed home at 6:30 am on Sunday .  A short little trip this go round.  But have no fear, it will be packed full of fun.  Friday night, a late dinner and a trip to the container store :)  Then Saturday we plan to get the newseum right when it opens and leave shortly after lunch to go home and get ready for Erica's housewarming party.  Should be fun.  Then Monday is a work holiday....I certainly love those!

Not much new to report, it has finally decided to be winter in Virginia, so that means cold weather (and by cold I mean like 30-40s, we dont do any of this negative degrees nonesense!)  I finally took down my Christmas treet last night, life has been busy that I have been neglecting my at home responsibilities.  But my house is now, de-Christmasified and can be ready for Valentine's decoration....What are you doing for Valentine's day?

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