Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 down, 23 more to go....

So last night I finally finished my 3rd book for the year, "The Secret Holocaust Diaries" by Nonna Bannister.  It was okay.  So this book was only published a few years ago, because Nonna was a Holocaust surviver and did not want the book to be published until after she died (which happened in 2004).  It is her first hand recounts of her time during WWII Russia and Germany.  There was a LOT LOT LOT of her family history and  stories of her family prior to the war and a lot of add-ons from the editors (which I thought many were unnecessary and disruptive to the reading).  I am not really sure if that was used to set the stage for the drastic change in life or what, but I felt like parts of the family history were unnecessary.  Overall, it was a very interested recount of her time in Nazi Germany and her life throughout the war (including witnessing multiple deaths, the way she and her mom lied about their ages to be eligible for labor camps (and then were later found out), her two+ year sickness after the war, and how she came to American alone in the late 1940s.  Parts of the book were very emotional, but parts I was having to push myself through.  It is OBVIOUS that Nonna is a very strong woman and had a very important story to tell about a time in our history that shall forever be remembered.  Next Up...a new James Patterson book (while I am still working my way through the purpose driven life).

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