Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just when you thought....

Just when you thought this blog was going to stop being about fun and adventure and take a turn to introvert world, I am switching things up on you.  In exactly 10 days I leave for a weekend in OBX.  Yes, the Outer Banks in FEBRUARY!!!  I know I know, this was NOT my crazy idea.  I am (get this) chaperoning the youth trip there with my church.  What part of me and my life screams responsible adult?  Who knows?  But for me, it is an all expense paid trip away for a holiday weekend...what what!  I am sure there will be very entertaining pictures to follow. 

Now you can stop thinking I lead a dull life full of reading, sleeping, crafts, and cleaning.  Don't fret this is just the kick off to quite a few upcoming beach trips, all before summer mind you.

St. Patrick's Day will be spent in Sandbridge, VA for a weekend away with some friends from church in a 3 story house that sleeps 22 people!  Complete with a 16 person hot tub and an elevator...feel free to be jealous!

Then Easter weekend, I will be taking 1.5 days off to work to head down to Hilton Head Island for my bestest friend, Allison's wedding!  CAN NOT WAIT!

Then to wrap up the pre-summer trips, I will be hitting up the Bahamas for a week long trip in the middle of May.....I can barely contain my excitement for this trip :)

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