Monday, February 6, 2012

Read, Clean, Cook, Sleep, Rinse and Repeat

That about sums up my weekend.  In my life sometimes I feel that I am going at warp speed and never get a chance to chill and relax.  Well this weekend was definitely that chance and I LOVED IT!  Friday night I left work and headed home where I cooked breakfast for dinner and stole a recipe from my friend Amanda which she stole from Pinterest so it was all good.  I made Ham and Egg Cups and I had two with a super juicy orange for dinner..YUM!  In case you are interested, the recipe is here.  I cooked mine a little longer (about 15 minutes) cause I do not like my yolk runny.  Then I was pretty lazy on Friday afternoon--read a little, watched some TV, and did some cleaning out of stuff.  

Saturday, I was awoke at 8am when my sister called to tell me she would not be able to meet me at 10 am like we planned but it would be more like 2pm.  Ummm thanks for calling so early to let me know!  So with all the extra time, I got up and was on a quest to clean up and clean out.  Well that just created way more mess.  See I have a stash of American Girl doll stuff and I have started going through it all and turns out some of it is worth lots of moneys, so I have started sorting through and taking pictures to post on ebay.  Then I had lunch and left for Williamsburg to meet up with Tiffany and Corbin around 1pm.  We spent a good 5 hours together and I was home by about 9pm, then I read myself to sleep and slept for a whopping 9 hours (10:15-7:15am), I swear this NEVER happens.  I feel lucky when I get 7.5 hours, so this was a real treat.  

Sunday, it was off to church, where we have a new Sunday school teacher (!!!! yay !!!!) and then my friend, Brian, joined me to visit my church.  Afterward, I meet up with my friend Anna for a lovely lunch at Panera, I absolutely love being around her, she always makes me smile and brightens my day.  We then went grocery shopping together and I came back home to finish my picture taking and packing up my American Girl stuff for sale.  Then I went over to my parents and cooked my mom and me a fantastic Weight Watchers dinner  (recipe here).  It was super yummy and only 5 points...insane!  We then choose to watch "What is your number?" over the Superbowl since I did not care much about the game.  Afterward, I went home and again read myself to sleep (in fact, I woke up this morning and could not find my kindle....turns out it was under my pillow from where i left it last night...whoops).

All in all, a semi-productive, but super awesome weekend filled with some of my favorite things--Corbin, family, friends, yummy food, shopping (i got a new pair of boots), cleaning, reading, and church!  What did you do this weekend?

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