Monday, February 13, 2012

A weekend of no reading?!?!

This weekend I did not read at all (well books that is), of course I still read magazines, articles, and the news reports.  I started off Friday evening with a YUMMY new recipe and taping off my bathrooms to begin painting.  Saturday morning was spent painting, then I finally got dressed about 1:30pm and did a little clean up before heading out to meet up with my friend CJ's.  Well turns out I missed the freak blizzard warning in Richmond.  I literally drove through what is called a Thundersnow in Richmond.  We had thunder, lightning, crazy amounts of snow/sleet, and wind like crazy.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  And 20 minutes later, it all just Odd!

CJ and I went to go see the Muppets movie at the Byrd Theater and it was fantastic.  Then we went for a super yummy dinner at this new Greek place in Cary Town.  So fabulous!  I went home after and got home about 9pm then proceed to paint for a couple more hours until bed.  

Sunday came with the usual church routine followed by about 4 hours of painting with 2 lovely volunteers.  And viola the weekend was over!  But with some fun, friends, and 2 bathrooms fully painted!  

Not the most fun of all weekends but I got a good dose of productivity and fun in there!

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