Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And it's only Wednesday...

This week is dragging on...and it's only Wednesday!

We jumped right into our busy season last week and it has been none stop since.  I am typing this because I just needed a break.  Work has been crazy, I have about 6 BIG deadlines this week, plus seminars, plus I am watching my parents dog in addition to my little bundle of doggie joy.  Then to top it all off, I am taking 2.5 days off next week to go to Hilton Head for my best friend, Allison's wedding.  So I need to be thinking in terms of packing and getting ready for that--which includes a trip to the alteration place tonight because I got my bridesmaid dress Monday night and it did not fit correctly.  But then I was at work yesterday from 9am-9pm, arriving home closer to 10pm.  Then I had a meeting at 7:30 this morning, so after work today was my first free time to make it there during their business hours.  I am already ready to crash so I cannot imagine what  I will be like on Friday.   I also need to find some time to get a wedding gift for her and get my nails done before I leave Wednesday....and to spray tan or not?  That is the question.

In other more exciting news, my brother has been smoke-free for 1+ month, so we are celebrating tonight with taco salad and some friends!  Then it is looking like I will likely be making my way to bed on the early side of 10pm, rather than my usual bedtime!

So that is a nice little dose of pessimism for me to leave you with today! :)  Hope your week is going better than mine.

This needs to be my new mantra....

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