Thursday, March 15, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that....

So this week has been filled with all kinds of things, obviously reading has been up there.  In addition to that, I have started the process of pickle making....

I finally finished all the "steps" last night.  There are 4 days of boiling stuff to put on the cucumbers....
Day 1--just boiling water
Day 2--Boiling water and pickle salt
Day 3--Boiling Water and Alum
Day 4--Boiling Cider Vinegar and pickling spices

Now they just get to soak for 3 days then they will get coated with sugar and jarred (I am making sweet pickles, obviously).  Thus there is a strong cider vinegar smell wafting through my house last night and this morning...makes for an interesting wake up scent.

In other news, the weather outside has been GORGEOUS this week and I have been soaking in as much outside time as possible, all the while sporting my spring dresses and sandals...I LOVE IT!  Tomorrow I leave for a weekend away in Virginia Beach, with this great weather, it should be a BLAST and I cannot wait to relax a little and fellowship with friends.

What have you been doing this week to enjoy the weather?

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