Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Weekend....

So it has been no secret that my life has been keeping me busy of late.  Well being that this weekend was the last weekend in 7 weekends that I was going to be in town, I felt that I needed to have a LITTLE bit of downtime.  I was not able to leave work until about 6 on Friday and had to bring some work home this weekend....so I was committed to staying in Friday night at least.  Then Saturday, my friend, CJ, and I went to cheer on some of our favorite runners as they did the Monument 10k.

Afterward, I came home to take the doggies out and grab some lunch before heading back over to the other side of town to FINALLY see The Hunger Games movie (fabulous!).  Afterward, we meet up Erica, Sara, Nathan, Sarah, and her sister, Rebecca for dinner and then Hunger Game cupcakes (made by Erica--YUM!)  Then I headed home where I was promptly in bed by 10pm.  Sunday was Palm Sunday, so church stuff, then brunch at Dot's Back Inn before saying bye to Erica, then CJ dragged me around Richmond shopping with her.  I then meet up with Emily for a manicure before heading to Anna's for dinner before youth group....WHEW!  This week has started off crazy with work and life...I am trying to simultaneously get ready for my trip to Hilton Head and cram about 5 days of work into 2.5, stay tuned for how this works out.

Last night, I finally finished "The Carrie Diaries," once I got over the fact that it had to be just like the show/movie, I began to appreciate the book as an independent book and I liked it.  Its a cute, easy, young adult read--but sometimes you need those!  Now I need to pick a new book!

Cupcake Erica made for me!

I leave tomorrow for my dear friend, Allison's wedding in Hilton Head...so I just need to make it through the next 14 hours or so of work!  Then the 8 hour drive down there.

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