Thursday, April 26, 2012

Williamsburg Trip

Well since this blog, should be documenting my travels, I did not want to leave out a trip.  Last Friday, I went to Williamsburg to meet up with my mom and sister for a girls weekend.  Saturday morning we were up early (what do you expect, we are all old now), and dressed and out shopping by 10am.  We hit up the shops at New Town and then proceeded to The Cheese Shop for lunch. This is by far my most favorite restaurant EVER.  I always get the same thing: Tuna with Havarti cheese on French Bread with a side of the house dressing...YUMMY!  After lunch and a little more energy we hit up the Outlets!  I never have much luck anywhere there except for Gap Outlet and sometimes Banana Republic.  This time it was just Gap Outlet but I got lots of cute new things.  For dinner on Saturday night we tried a new place 2nd Street, definitely not my favorite place.  I got the lettuce wraps which were not great and also everything was extremely over-priced for what it was.  To be fair, my sister got the (HALF POUND) burger with pimento cheese and loved it!  So all was not lost.  Sunday morning, we were up early again and headed to Trader Joe's and Anne Taylor Loft before a quick lunch at Baker's Crust. Which was good, as to be expected.  My sister headed home and my mom and I hit up the Pottery (what a bust) before heading back to Richmond.  It was a great weekend and a nice break for my sister from her normal Mommy Routine!  I think we are going to make it an annual tradition--YAY!

Next up, Atlantis in the Bahamas, coutdown...8 days!  I promise to get more pictures there ;)

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