Thursday, May 24, 2012

7....going on 8 and counting...

That is the number of weekends in a row that I have not been at home for the whole weekend.  Keep in last weekend I was only in Norfolk for Friday night through about Saturday evening at like 10pm.  But I counted it cause I did not get the whole weekend at home.  With that being said, here is a look at my life upcoming...

This weekend = Philly
Next weekend = Lake Anna Saturday-Sunday
June 9-10 = Charlottesville Wine weekend

DRUM ROLL PLEASE....the weekend of June 15-17, I will be in Richmond for the whole weekend!  Wow, whatever will I do with myself....I thought you might ask, so I have decided to have a yard sale at my good friend, CJ's house (thanks CJ)!

Last night my friend, Anna and I were talking a little bit about over-commitment, so say I have a little problem with this is probably a huge understatement, but I do kind of enjoy a busy life...what can I say?

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