Friday, June 8, 2012

Another one bites the dust...

If I knew I did not have an overactive social life, I would probably worry about myself.  As it is, I feel like I am plenty surround by family and friends, I just like to read and when I get into a book, it is hard for me to put it down if it is any good.  So the television does not get turned on, I wake up early wanting to read, I stay up late reading, I read at stop lights (only when they are red people, obviously!!!).  So as it is, I finished yet another book today...making my grand total 18 for the year...and apparently very much under-estimating my abilities (when I started this idea, I felt I might have a hard time getting 26 books done in a year...)!  Well I finished up the first book in the series, Private, by James Patterson.  It was good, but I still think the third one was probably my favorite and of the three, this was probably my least favorite, but it was still a GREAT read.  Not sure what book is up next on the list, it will depend what comes into the library first :)

Happy almost weekend! :)

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  1. I, unlike you, cannot read multiple books at the same time. So, I would not be posting daily about the books I've finished. But when I, like you, get involved in a book, I definitely forego television and sleep in order to read!