Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Trip to the beach and Another Book list update!

Well I just got back from another trip to the beach...this makes what like 8 this year so far?  I am loosing count, but boy am I one lucky girl!!!  I decided to take Friday off of work and get a head start to the weekend!  My mom and I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house at Bavon Beach on the Chesapeake Bay and we could not have picked a better weekend to be at the beach.

Welcome to Bavon!
We arrived Thursday night around 8pm, which was nice so we could get some beach time in Friday.  Friday morning we laid by the water until about 1pm then had lunch and did some shopping in town.  Where I came across this sign:

Then Friday night we had a wonderful steak dinner on the grill and pulled them off about 6 minutes before it started pouring rain!  The rain was a nice break from the heat and cooled things off considerably for our Saturday day by the Bay.  

Saturday morning we got up early and went to some yard sales, but were home by 10am to greet my two cousins and their significant others for a day on the beach.  It was BEAUTIFUL weather and I was one of the lucky few who did not get seriously burned.  

Sunday, we were a little bit more lazy getting up. But my Aunt and I decided to walk to the Light house to try to find conch shells (I have been on an epic search for the past 3 years....every year walking there in search of one for my collection), but we had no luck finding one.  Don't worry, all was not lost cause look what we did see instead:

Can't complain about that view!  It also seems that someone has decided to camp on the little beach there and so we stumbled upon this:
Guess the owner and builder was out searching for lunch (aka Fish) cause (s)he was not there.  All in all, a wonderfully relaxing weekend AND I got some more movement in my book list (see below).

List of books I have read in 2012
1. Five Love Languages
2. Sisterhood Everlasting
3. The Holocaust Diaries
4. Private #1 Suspect
5. The Fixer Upper
6. The Hunger Games
7. Catching Fire (book 2)
8. Mockingjay (book 3)
9. The Carrie Diaries
10. What Alice Forgot
11. The Purpose Driven Life
12. The Reservoir
13. Private Games
14. Mountain beyond Mountains\
15. Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Church Divide
16. Sarah's Key
17. I've Got Your Number
18. Private
19. There are No Children Here
 List of books I plan to read in 2012
20. Generous Justice (started 4/20/12, reading as part of my small group and will be done next Monday--YAY!).
21. The Other Boleyn Girl (Yup, remember that super thick one? I started it on Saturday 6/23/12 and I am currently at page 309 of 917, so making progress!!!)
22. Kisses from Katie
23. A good and perfect Gift
24. Hope in a Jar
25. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
26. The Girl who Played with Fire
27. The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
28. Unbroken
29. Lexapros and Cons
30. The 100 thing challenge

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