Thursday, June 14, 2012

No news is good news...

Not much new to report, but that is not a bad thing!  I have been enjoying the accomplishments and celebrations of my friends!  So that means less time at home, which means less sleep, which means less reading as well.  In my most recent free time, I have been putting a lot of energy into my Yard Sale on Saturday (can't believe it is almost finally here).  My friend CJ (who also recently got a new fancy job--YAY CJ!) has graciously let me borrow her yard for a yard sale this Saturday to get rid of LOTS -O - JUNK so I have less stuff to move in the *hopefully* not to distant future.  I can honestly say I will be happy when Saturday is over and I have less junk and more money!  Plus if the weather Sunday holds out, it promises to be a great Father's Day celebration at beautiful Lake Anna!  And not to be outdone (or get too far away from the travel portion of this blog), I plan to take a trip to the Chesapeake Bay next weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Laura! :) Yay for tomorrow being over, I'd like all your stuff to be out of my house too so you can actually SEE the dust bunnies on the floor not just believe they are there :)