Monday, July 9, 2012

Corbin Time!

So this weekend was filled with a few different things:

1. Trying two new places in Richmond--Stella's restaurant and Gelati Celesti--both pretty awesome, although if you know me, you know I love sweets so the ice cream place was the best!
2. Saw Magic Mike (eh, hot boys abound, but I could have probably waited to redbox it)
3. Spent some time with CJ and her nephew and brother who were in town from Seattle!
4. Best of all, CORBIN (and Tiffany) came into town!!!!  So to document the fun we had, here are pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Cloud Dough---Yup Auntie LaLa is the coolest!  (A pinterest recipe of baby oil and flour--he LOVED it)

He loved it so much he wanted to sit in it!  This is my favorite face he makes so he kept doing it for me! He would say   La la and then make the face!

Then he helped me make cookie dough (dough that he could eat)

And eat he did....apparently after about 3 handfuls back in, I figured we may need to use these cookies just for our family

Time to clean up!  Whoops Corbin, lets keep the water in the sink....

Corbin ready to retaliate!

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