Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cupcake Fairies!

So this story starts months ago when my good friend, Anna, and I decided to make cupcakes and deliver them to friends around the greater Richmond area, because come on, who does not love a cupcake?  Well it was such a great time that CJ suggested another cupcake fairy visit.  We had to be super secretive because this time we wanted to surprise Anna with cupcakes!

So on Monday we made the cupcakes and put them in cups (a hint I found on pinterest) because last time the cupcakes were falling all over the place as we drove around town.  This worked out MUCH better!  So we started our journey in the west end, but with not much luck....of our 3 stops, only Kristi and Mike were actually at home and were in the middle of a LATE dinner....
Look at that excitement!
Then we were off to Kathryn's house (she did tell me she should be home by 8, but when we arrived at 8:01, they were not there, so we left a little surprise for when they got home:
Cupcakes on a pew!
Then it was off to Robert and Jessica's house, and they ALSO were not home (at this point, we were beginning to get a little worried)!
Wolfpack cupcakes!  Look at that Hokie Respect!
After that, it was downtown we went...for a quick stop on Hanover to drop off cupcakes for Patrick and Lila (who was out of town, but Patrick promised to give her one when she got back):
Not the best lighting :(
Then it was off for the best surprise yet!  Anna and CJ had just finished dinner before I got to CJ's house and CJ had told Anna she had plans for dessert with her cousin, little did Anna know that was just a lie so we could come surprise her!!!
Funfetti is my favorite!  Isn't she cute?
After we left Anna's we still had 3 more quick stops, but it was getting late.  We swung by 3 monkeys bar because one of the girls was out with friends and NOT home, so we made her come out of the bar to receive her cupcake :)
Just taking a drinking break for cupcakes!
Our second to last stop was at Aubrey's house, but she was not home nor were there any lights on so we had enough of a time getting up the stairs and leaving them there, a picture was just not going to happen.  Lastly we hit up CJ's neighbor, Elizabeth's house.  She did not answer the door, the cell phone, or her home line when we tried, so we went around back and saw her watching TV and scared her by knocking on the window.  Don't worry, she was happy to see us!  At this point, it was about 10:30, so we both went home, another cupcake delivery accomplished and a great way to put an end to this hump day!


  1. Success!!! Next time YOU need to be a recipient! :)