Monday, July 30, 2012

None update, Update!

This past weekend, I did nothing but clean, cook, run errands, and watch redbox movies.  Well that is not entirely true, I had lunch with my grandma and went to the gym too, but that is all besides the point.  I finally got new bedding, which is super fun--this is what I have decided upon:

Pair with a white down comforter and grey bedskirt and grey sheets!

I also got two of these lamps to go with it:

The fun news is that my birthday is next month, so family members are contributing various parts of the bedding and I used coupons so the lamps were only $11 each and the bedding was like $80 total for all parts, but I get some of it for my birthday!  So I am getting excited about that!  I have needed a little change in bedding for awhile!

I saw this super cute pillow on etsy, so eventually I may add that to the mix :)  All in all, a fun new look for when I move :)

This weekend I took pictures of the last of the stuff I need to get rid of for my move, so hopefully if I get my act in order, all of that will be on craigslist or ebay before the end of the week...Just in time for my big cookout on Friday!

Hope everyone had a fun, and/or productive weekend!

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