Friday, July 13, 2012

We now return to the regularly scheduled Travel Portion of this Blog...

So it seems I have taken quite the break from actually talking about any trips I have been going on and focusing more on my adorable nephew and books!  But have no fear, the next THREE, yup 3, weekends I will be out of town at Lake Anna.  This weekend for a girls weekend, next weekend for a college reunion trip, and the last weekend with that cute nephew of mine back in the picture!  Although Lake Anna is just over an hour from my house, I totally consider it a trip cause it is a totally different area---think COUNTRY!  Cell phones do not work great, high speed internet--what's that?, no fast food restaurants close by, and lots and lots of time to relax, drink, and be merry!

Here is hoping for beautiful days, and if it must rain, only at night!

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