Monday, July 2, 2012

What's not to love?

So despite the outrageously HOT temperatures this weekend, I still thoroughly enjoyed it (well except for the  no electricity part, but that was only temporary!).

So Friday night, I got to leave work a little early and came home to relax for a bit, then I went out to dinner with my dear dear friends, Allison (and her hubby, Jason) and Anna!  We went out cause Allison was in town but also to celebrate her cousin, Marshall's 29th birthday...on the 29th!

We went to one of Anna and my's favorite restaurants, Plaza Azteca--love the margs!!!
Allison and I

Marshall and Anna

Marshall eating his Birthday Flan!
Well after we left there, we went back to Allison's to play a game before Anna and I headed out.  We were debating continuing the fun, but both decided it looked ominous outside and BOY were we right.  Anna did not even get home before she hit tornado like winds and my power was out not even 10 minutes after she left.  So I was at home with two dogs (my parents were out of town) with crazy storms and no power...IT WAS HOT!

Saturday morning, I got up, got ready and went over to Anna's cause she was going to check out the Forest Hill Farmer's Market with her friend, Caitlin.  It was pretty awesome, I will definitely have to go back sometime when I have power and can actually buy stuff to put in my fridge.  After that, we hung out at Anna's house for a bit soaking up the electricity and air conditioning.  We grabbed lunch then I headed home, praying for the power to be back on.  God was good to me and it was, so I soaked up the downtime with air conditioning, cable TV, and time with the dogs!

A picture right in front of my neighborhood on Saturday morning...crazy storm!
Sunday, I had volunteered to help out with set up for a cookout and outdoor service at our church's 2nd site, so I was up early to get over there at 9am to help set up, then we worshiped OUTDOORS followed by a cookout outside, it was HOT but it was a great community and nice to be in the Lord's creation while worshiping.  Sunday was much of the same, my grandmother was without power so she was over at my mom's as well, so we watched 21 Jump Street and then ordered pizza for dinner.  All in all, a fabulous weekend, despite the storms and such!  Now this week is BUSY at work, but I get a day and a half off for July 4th so it will be nice to break up the week for me!

What are your Independence Day plans?

P.S.--As far as the reading is concerned, I did not get through my book, but I did make it almost half way through, so that is good!


  1. wa hoo for margs :)
    double wa hoooo for allison !!

  2. and triple wa hooo for you and our fav place :)!!!