Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why yes, I guess I am a nerd...

So you may remember back in January where I wrote this blog post!  Well I am an over-achiever!  As of about 2 hours ago, I have completed my 26 books in 2012 and in way less time than I thought!  I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I have already seen the movie, so I already knew I would be interested in the plot, which everyone says the book starts off slowly, and true, yes it does kinda.  I more thought it was a good place to lay out all the characters and plot, so I was able to hold attention and go on with the book.  Now I think I am going to take a quick break before moving onto the second book in the series.  Plus I have been dying to read Lexapros and Cons since I heard about it, and I just found it on amazon last week for super cheap, like $4.  I do not normally buy books, I normally pick ones that people let me borrow or the library lets me borrow.  But I was dying to read this and my library does not seem to want to carry it (I have literally checked like 10 times this year), so I bought it.  If anyone else is interested in reading it, feel free to let me know!

Anyway, I realize I never posted on some of my last books, so here is a recap:

Unbroken:  LOVED LOVED LOVED!  So sue me, I love non-fiction books and love WWII non-fiction books the best, so this was bound to be a favorite and guess what?  It did NOT disappoint.  It makes me so badly want to meet Louis Zamperini, I am not kidding you.  Everything he went through and to come out of those struggles how he did was an amazing store of human resilience AND yet another reminder that just cause I live in this super secure world, not everyone is able to say that, in the past and EVEN today around the world!  Read it, you will not be disappointed (well you might be if you are anything like my mom and think that books can only be read for pleasure if they are fictional).

A Good and Perfect Gift: Also a good read, this is going to be a lot more reader specific.  My friend, Kathryn suggest I read this.  It is about this family who had a strong faith and were expecting a baby and when the baby was born, she was born with down syndrome.  It just chronicles their journey coming to terms with this diagnosis and seeing how this "problem" became a true blessing in their life and EVERYTHING that she brings to their life.  It is VERY honest, which I loved about it!  I loved the book, but I am not sure it would be a fan favorite among all other audiences :)

Hope in a Jar: Pretty much a Sophie Kinsella book in disguise.  If you love her writing, you will love this; it is an easy read and very funny!  I love reading books like this between other books so I do not ever get stuck in a rut with my reading :)

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