Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthdays Galore

So I know most people hate the end of August; it signals the end of summer, the start of school, and the beginning of fall/winter (AKA cold weather).  But I have always been Pro-August and that might just be because my birthday is August 21st!  In true Laura fashion, I try to spread out the birthday festivities and celebration as long as humanly possible (yes I realize I am turning 29 and not 12, but love it or leave me).  So we started with the Legwarmers birthday fun evening with 10 of my closest friends (okay maybe not really all of them) on August 10th and will conclude with a visit from my sister and nephew sometime next week (August 27th).  So I will have made it a 17 day celebration....I'd say that is pretty good!

Well surprise surprise, it can't be about me ALL the time (can it?), so this weekend, my friend CJ and I also go to celebration our friend, Elizabeth's birthday.  We cooked in and got her these yummy mini cupcakes to celebrate her big day!
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

The candles spell out her name!
Then on Sunday, Emily, Anna, CJ and myself went out to celebrate Emily's and my August birthdays at everyone's favorite restaurant, CiCi's Pizza!
CJ and Anna

Me and Emily: Birthday Girls!
YUP that just happened!
Then since it was a rainy Sunday, I came home and watched some TV and enjoyed a couple of LAZY hours before my birthday dinner with the family at Brio!

Mom and Dad

Andy and Me
All in all, a great weekend, too bad I had to go back to work today!  But I get a fun weekend to look forward to!  YAY for Birthday Fun!

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