Friday, August 31, 2012

Election Fever

So it seems the WHOLE world has gone crazy with election fever, everywhere you turn--CNN, Facebook, Today Show, and Jimmy John's.  Wait did I just say Jimmy John's?  YUP, I did.  My best friend, Allison was in town this week and since we have a tradition to get Jimmy John's anytime she is in town, we headed over for a quick lunch.  Not only did she treat me for my birthday (YAY!) But she also convinced the cashier to give me 6 free punches on my Jimmy John's card (I only need 4 more til a free sub) and we scored these sweet VOTE FOR JIMMY buttons!  What is not to love?  All in all, it just about made my Thursday the best Thursday!  I only wish my precious Allison lived closer, but what can you do?  Just be thankful she does live near Hilton Head so when I visit I can also go to the beach!  I see a Road Trip in my future :)

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