Friday, August 17, 2012

Nothing like a night in....

So just about every night this week, I have made no direct plans and had the idea I would be staying in for the night and every night this week, I have NOT stayed in!  Which if you know me, you know I am totally okay with that!  Last night, I had tried a new pinterest recipe--Crockpot chicken tacos!  It was delightful and I highly suggest trying the recipe--so easy and so flavorful!  What an easy dinner!  So normally when I cook, I am home, but last night my friend CJ and I decided to go for drinks!  A nice end to a long-ish week!  So my night in, turned into drinks on the Patio at Bailey's and it was fabulous!  Who knows what this weekend will hold???
Vodka Tonic!

Cranberry Vodka!
Also you should totally check out my earrings (Hokie Pride) cause my super awesome friend Kristi MADE them for me!  I really am one lucky girl :)

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