Monday, August 6, 2012

Remember that day....

When my dad bought a marina?  Yeah well that just happened last week.  Being the obstinate daughter that I am, my first thought was "Is this man crazy?"  "Why would he do such a thing?"  "I cannot believe at 60+ years old, he thinks this is a good idea!"  Well enough with the negativity, Laura.  This weekend, I got to see what my dad saw in this marina community and now I can say, I trust his judgement in this purchase.  

First off, the drive in, was one beautiful ride...I always forget how pretty the mountains are, and believe me, they are much prettier in person than on my camera!

Country Road....take me the place I belong!
Showing up at the marina, I instantly feel in love with the community of people there; the attitudes, the love for such a small little landmark, and the joyful and thankful personalities of all the people there was amazing to see.  We first got to meet the managers of the marina: Todd and Donna, instantly I feel in love with both of them and they wanted all of us to really see and experience this humble place for what it is--a joyful and happy get away.  

The 'pet' carp!

Smith Mountain Dock---very vintage!

The View!!!

The boats!

The Vibe!  Everyone is your friend :)
One of the apparent traditions is to feed the carp with popcorn and to put peanut butter on your toes and let the carp suck it off.  I found that i was a little skiddish about my toes, but I quite enjoyed them sucked on the heel of my feet.  Here is a video (sorry it is sideways) of the swarm of carp that come when food is involved (I asked one of the guys there to get a video of the carp sucking on my feet, but it did not turn next time I will have to re-do that!).

We also got to see the SML Dam:

The whole reason the Lake was made: Hydro-power!
And then went on a boat ride around the lake to see some of the prettier houses:
This house was designed by a cathedral architect.  And the picture does not do it justice, the tree is covering a lot of the house, it was HUGE!!!

We were a little far away!
And then a few scenery pictures:
National Park--so no one can ever build on that mountain!!!

view from the back of the boat!
All in all, a fun trip!  Next weekend is the BIG grand Re-opening of the Marina, so I may have to hit that up as well :)

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