Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Review

Well it is rare that I have a fun weekend and feel rested, but that is exactly what happened when the four of us got together this weekend.  We maxxed out daytime fun and we were all in bed by 11pm.  It is always great when I see my hokie ladies, and this was no exception.  We all got in town by 7pm on Friday night and went to dinner at this yummy restaurant called Sweatwater Tavern, where they had these AMAZING rolls....

Delicious Roll

Friday night we went back to Erica's where they had a birthday celebration for me:
Matching PJs with my Birthday celebration subway art!

Homemade cake!
Then we all just hung out and caught up a bit in our PJs, really what is more relaxing than that?

Sara also thought it would be fun to try on my bra:
It just about fits!
 Then it was off to bed for a full day of Saturday shopping!

This store was filled with beads, it was fabulous and all the girls were patient so I could look!
There was lots of hat trying on...
More hats...

and more Hat pictures! 
At some point the shopping and weekend had to end.  But we had a great time and now need to get on planning our next weekend together!  

 Needless to say this one was happy when I got home:

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