Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vacation Teaser....

So because I LOVE to travel and after all this is a "travel" blog, I figured spending a few blogs on my recent cruise would be just fine!  (Well plus it is my blog and I can do what I there!)

So this vacation was fabulous, really as all vacations are; it was a perfect blend of fun, relaxation, travel, and nice weather!  Plus did I mention the awesome people I vacationed with:

Kristi, Me, and CJ

So I know what you are is hard to tell us apart?  Oh wait, you weren't thinking that?  Well it seems like 15+ people on vacation that we came in contact with could not figure out if we were triplets, twins and a sister, just sisters or whatever other combination.  Turns out everyone is surprised and baffled when you tell them none of us are related at all!

So a little teaser in pictures of what we did:

We Flew to Fort Lauderdale:

We took a shuttle:

We got on a really big boat:

We ate:

We drank:

We were merry:

Or at least I was :)

We dressed up:

We went to the Southern-Most Point (in the continental US):

We played with sting-rays:

We zip-lined through a rain forest:

We bob-sledded:

But most of all...WE HAD FUN:

Don't worry, there will be plenty more posts to follow!!!  

(And for all you readers out there, don't fret, I added one more book to my list for the year...update soon!)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mustachio Bashio

And we now resume our regular scheduled blogging....After a week of glorious vacation, I am back and with probably more posts this week than you will want, so get excited!!

On Friday, September 14th, we celebrated the birth of our wonderful friend, ANNA with a mustachio bashio!  Mustachios were worn, booze was consumed, and yummy cupcakes were eaten by all!  Plus a few games, fun, and chatting was had by all!

Mustache in the mirror!

Mustache Garland

Anna's Mustachio Bashio!

The Mustache made me do it!
My Mustache brings all the girls to the Yard!

Even some mustache themed snacks!

Girl Power--PINK mustaches!

Wolf Pack in mustaches!
All in all, it was a fabulous celebration with lots of fun, friends, and laughter!!!  Happy Birthday to my Bestie, Anna!

Friday, September 14, 2012

What a fun weekend ahead....

Tonight is FINALLY the Mustachio Bashio!  CJ and I started decorating last night....

Then tomorrow, we fly out for Florida!!!  To board our ship on Sunday....I literally woke up at 6:40 this morning cause I was so excited and could not sleep any longer.  Yup, still a kid at heart (and apparently a kid on Christmas morning, waking up early!)

Happy Almost weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Look out Tina Turner....

When my sister was in town this past weekend, a few of the family members may have gotten into Bonnie's Wig supply....

Pictures often speak louder than words (at least any words I could use to describe this!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

A day in the life of a 2 year old!

This weekend, my sister, brother in law, nephew, and their dog were all in town.  I often think I am on the go all the time, but nothing even compares to the energy of my almost 2 year old nephew.  So thus today's post is a day in the life of my nephew, Corbin:

First things first--wake up at 5:30 AM!  Got to get an early start so you have plenty of time for FUN!

Eat a good breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa

Then get in the exercise with a walk to see the ducks at the pond:

If you behave well, you might be rewarded with a dounut by grandma and grandpa (shhh!  don't tell my mommy):

Then it is back home to wake up Mom and Dad so we can really get the ball rolling.  What you say the mall is not open until 10am, how am I supposed to get to the placeplace at 9?  Luckily there are these crazy mall-walkers so they open it up early for that!

My grandma paid ONE WHOLE DOLLAR so I could ride this: 
I think secretly, GaGa wanted to ride too:
Then it is off to the play area:

It is ALWAYS important to make new friends:

And convince your mom to play with you:
Obviously by this time I have worked up an appetite and the mall is actually open so it is off to have lunch (at 10:30AM):

I love chicken:

After an early lunch, it was back home for my nap, so I could recharge for a fun-filled afternoon.

After lunch, Auntie LaLa promised to take me and mommy to Maymont.  We let Pop tag along too!

Don't worry guys, I know where I am going:
We saw lots of animals including some pigs, a lamb, some roasters, and goats (which I fed with Aunite Lala but she forgot to get a picture).  Then it was onto my favorite thing....THE BEARS.

At first we could not find the bears, but then we realized everyone was looking up.  That is because the bear was in the tree, that made me really happy that he was so high up!

Look all the way near the top....yup that black thing is a bear!

I love bears!  I like to hug them all!
Then of course on the car ride home, my Auntie Lala thought it would be super fun to quiz me on various questions, of course I complied because I am super cute and loveable:
(I know I know, Auntie Lala really needs to figure out how to film videos the correct way, but you get the idea of how cute I am even though I am sideways)

After a long, hot day at Maymont, it is back home for dinner, bathtime, and bed!  Got to get some rest for another exciting day of fun!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just a little longer...

8 DAYS!!!! until I am here....

*** Sorry for all the excitement, but let's face it, I am excited and am in need of a vacation!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This, that, and the other!

Welcome back from a long labor day weekend.  I know I know, the day back was yesterday, but work was INSANE!  So you get your weekend review post today!

My weekend was mostly spent being an adult and doing adult things (BLAH)!  I am getting reading to put my house on the market, so I have been making lists and cleaning up and getting everything ready.  From the way my list is going, I am optimistic that everything will be done by Friday!

Some Painting....

Some Staging....

Have no fear, I took off being a full grown up on Monday and did some Labor Day cookout hoping with two friends, then CJ came over and we watched the Hokie game together!

CJ - Brutus Stare Down
Look at how great our seats were!

For my avid reader fans, I have been a disappointment this month.  Have not picked up one book in over a month actually.  It is crazy!  This happens all the time to me, most people read most during the summer, I, on the other hand, tend to not be in a sit down cuddled in a blanket kind of mood.  So my reading normally tappers off unless I am on vacation at the beach with nothing better to do.  So until I get the urge, there will likely be no book updates!  Sorry :)