Monday, September 10, 2012

A day in the life of a 2 year old!

This weekend, my sister, brother in law, nephew, and their dog were all in town.  I often think I am on the go all the time, but nothing even compares to the energy of my almost 2 year old nephew.  So thus today's post is a day in the life of my nephew, Corbin:

First things first--wake up at 5:30 AM!  Got to get an early start so you have plenty of time for FUN!

Eat a good breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa

Then get in the exercise with a walk to see the ducks at the pond:

If you behave well, you might be rewarded with a dounut by grandma and grandpa (shhh!  don't tell my mommy):

Then it is back home to wake up Mom and Dad so we can really get the ball rolling.  What you say the mall is not open until 10am, how am I supposed to get to the placeplace at 9?  Luckily there are these crazy mall-walkers so they open it up early for that!

My grandma paid ONE WHOLE DOLLAR so I could ride this: 
I think secretly, GaGa wanted to ride too:
Then it is off to the play area:

It is ALWAYS important to make new friends:

And convince your mom to play with you:
Obviously by this time I have worked up an appetite and the mall is actually open so it is off to have lunch (at 10:30AM):

I love chicken:

After an early lunch, it was back home for my nap, so I could recharge for a fun-filled afternoon.

After lunch, Auntie LaLa promised to take me and mommy to Maymont.  We let Pop tag along too!

Don't worry guys, I know where I am going:
We saw lots of animals including some pigs, a lamb, some roasters, and goats (which I fed with Aunite Lala but she forgot to get a picture).  Then it was onto my favorite thing....THE BEARS.

At first we could not find the bears, but then we realized everyone was looking up.  That is because the bear was in the tree, that made me really happy that he was so high up!

Look all the way near the top....yup that black thing is a bear!

I love bears!  I like to hug them all!
Then of course on the car ride home, my Auntie Lala thought it would be super fun to quiz me on various questions, of course I complied because I am super cute and loveable:
(I know I know, Auntie Lala really needs to figure out how to film videos the correct way, but you get the idea of how cute I am even though I am sideways)

After a long, hot day at Maymont, it is back home for dinner, bathtime, and bed!  Got to get some rest for another exciting day of fun!


  1. I think my favorite part of this is in the video when you ask him a question and then he decides to eat, and you have to explain that he's just eating a little snack! :)

    1. haha just in case you could not tell :)