Monday, September 24, 2012

Mustachio Bashio

And we now resume our regular scheduled blogging....After a week of glorious vacation, I am back and with probably more posts this week than you will want, so get excited!!

On Friday, September 14th, we celebrated the birth of our wonderful friend, ANNA with a mustachio bashio!  Mustachios were worn, booze was consumed, and yummy cupcakes were eaten by all!  Plus a few games, fun, and chatting was had by all!

Mustache in the mirror!

Mustache Garland

Anna's Mustachio Bashio!

The Mustache made me do it!
My Mustache brings all the girls to the Yard!

Even some mustache themed snacks!

Girl Power--PINK mustaches!

Wolf Pack in mustaches!
All in all, it was a fabulous celebration with lots of fun, friends, and laughter!!!  Happy Birthday to my Bestie, Anna!

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