Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vacation Teaser....

So because I LOVE to travel and after all this is a "travel" blog, I figured spending a few blogs on my recent cruise would be just fine!  (Well plus it is my blog and I can do what I there!)

So this vacation was fabulous, really as all vacations are; it was a perfect blend of fun, relaxation, travel, and nice weather!  Plus did I mention the awesome people I vacationed with:

Kristi, Me, and CJ

So I know what you are is hard to tell us apart?  Oh wait, you weren't thinking that?  Well it seems like 15+ people on vacation that we came in contact with could not figure out if we were triplets, twins and a sister, just sisters or whatever other combination.  Turns out everyone is surprised and baffled when you tell them none of us are related at all!

So a little teaser in pictures of what we did:

We Flew to Fort Lauderdale:

We took a shuttle:

We got on a really big boat:

We ate:

We drank:

We were merry:

Or at least I was :)

We dressed up:

We went to the Southern-Most Point (in the continental US):

We played with sting-rays:

We zip-lined through a rain forest:

We bob-sledded:

But most of all...WE HAD FUN:

Don't worry, there will be plenty more posts to follow!!!  

(And for all you readers out there, don't fret, I added one more book to my list for the year...update soon!)

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