Thursday, October 4, 2012

Corbin turns 2!

So I am taking a little break from the vacation post (don't worry, it is still coming) talk about my super awesome, super adorable, super smart nephew, Corbin, who happened to turn 2 on Sunday (seriously it has been 2 years since he was born?!?!)
Corbin a few days after he was born
2 years later!
Well, the day after I got back from vacation, my dad, brother and I went down to Norfolk (mom was already there) to celebrate with him a week early since my sister, brother in law, nephew, and mom were all gonna be at Myrtle Beach on his actual birthday.

To say he had a good birthday would probably be a HUGE understatement!  He was so excited about all his presents and we actually had to take away the toy he just opened so he could open another!  But he FINALLY got through them all....his favorite present?  The truck Uncle Andy got him!  It was a Bulldozer and HE LOVED IT!  
Just woke up from my nap to a party...hope this happens everyday!

Zoo Animals!

YES, a bulldozer...thanks Uncle Andy!

Get the truck out of this pesky box!


Why do yall force me to keep opening presents?

Get it out Mama!

Thanks mom and dad for the bike!

The party was construction themed and the adults did a fantastic job decorating for it!  

My sister also made the CUTEST birthday cake....

Needless to say, Corbin loved the cake, as did the rest of us!
Can't keep his hands off it and he is not even in the seat yet!

Who needs a fork?

Nom Nom Nom

Apparently he was still hungry for CAKE!

Pizza, oh, that will do!
It is great to see how little Corbin is growing up.  He has become such a little man, talking up a storm, and trying to be so independent.  I am going to blink and he will be in college!  Oh wait, that means I would be 45!  Corbin, let's wait a bit to grow up, huh?

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