Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fort Lauderdale

So I have decided that the cruise blog post was too overwhelming, so instead, I am going to break it down to ports of call and talk about each one, with pictures thrown in, of course!

Well technically it is a port of call but we did not do much in Fort Lauderdale, we were way too excited about leaving for our cruise.  We flew in on Saturday, checked into the hotel, and decided that we would go see a movie (The Campaign) and went to this dinner for dinner.  Then we acquired our wine for the trip and went back to the hotel for some hot tub time and a semi-"early" bedtime.  I say this only because instead of going to bed, us three girls decided to chat the night away.  I feel asleep about 12, only to wake up an hour or so later and CJ and Kristi were still chatting.  So instead of falling back asleep, like any sane person would do, I decided to wake up and talk with them.  Our early bedtime came around 3:30 in the morning.  Good Times--such a great way to start off a girl's cruise trip!

Our floating home for the week!
The Allure of the Seas --randomly enough, a young girl feel off this ship the week we were on our cruise and drowned, so good thing we stayed on our ship for the entire week!

Sunday morning, we made it up just in time to squeeze in our free breakfast and load in the vans to head over to the ship to board.  We finally got on the ship about 1pm and enjoyed lunch from the buffett!  After lunch, we were able to go check out our room!  Kristi settled right into the room's window:
As we were leaving port we made sure to say one last good-bye to Fort Lauderdale for the week:

Leaving port and ready for the pool!!!

After a fun day in the sun cloudy weather!  We got ready for dinner and dancing!!!

Ladies Night = Free Champagne!  You knew we were going!
It seems like they did not offer enough Champagne cause no one was dancing!!!

All in all a great start to the cruise....more to come....

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  1. Yaya... one of the least exciting days of the cruise, but exciting to think about getting on a boat and getting the heck away from shore!!! :)

    PS My aunt saw some pics and said that you and Kristi do look a little bit alike :)