Monday, October 15, 2012

Grand Cayman

Our second port of call was Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.  As you can see this was one port where we had to tender off (nope we did not swim to shore from our boat way out there).  Earlier in the year Kristi had visited Grand Cayman and had done a sting-ray/snorkeling excursion and she highly suggested it, so we decided to go with it, and as it was, it ended up being my favorite thing of the cruise--Good Job Kristi!
Here I am excited to get the day started!
Here we are when we arrived in Grand Cayman--just off the boat!

We went on the Captain Marvin Tour!
The three of us with the sting ray!

CJ Kisses the sting ray!
Kristi kisses the sting ray!
Me kissing the sting ray!

CJ and Kristi snorkeling!

Kristi and I snorkeling!

On the ride back, one of our guides dove off the ship and came up with 2 starfish---they were HUGE, so he let us have a turn holding them and I was definitely going to do that!

On the way back!

Life is good--thumbs up in the clouds!

Our stateroom attendant made us a sting-ray after I put in a request for one!  

Back on the boat....just in time for some fun and games!

A sunset picture with our hair waving in the wind!

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  1. It was SOOOOO my favorite part, too! :) Love it!