Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party

Well I have to say, I have great friends.  I said costumes and they came and were CREATIVE! Mad points to all!  We enjoyed a night of ghouls, booze, and fun!  I found this fantastic recipe for a punch online--a mix of 2 parts vodka, 1 part raspberry liquor to 4 parts sprite, Allison so creatively named it Vampire's Blood; and it was a hit!  Now, cause I know you are anxiously waiting....onto pictures!

Andy & Allison
aka Jesus and Double Dare contestant

Vinny and Brent
aka Construction Maven and The Sheik

Kevin and Osl
aka Jersey Shore dude (I do not know their names) and Preggers Snooki

Matt and Vinny
aka EMO (or no costume) and Construction Maven

(being a trooper)

aka Eric Church

Allison, CJ, and Me
aka Double Dare contestant, Promiscuous Pirate, and Little Red Riding Hood

Dave, Brent, and Aaron
aka Mayhem, The Sheik, and Anger Birds

Aaron and Michael
aka Anger Birds and Michael PHELPS

obligatory sibling shot!

Mayhem and Allison

Lila and Patrick
aka Lucy and Charlie Brown

Me and Anna (aka Target)

1920s Flapper, Bumble Bee (Dana), Ms. Doubtfire (Lauren), Ghostbusters (Aubrey), and Rosie the Riveter (Brittney)

Award time: Sexiest--Snooki, Scariest--Will (Zombie Killer), Most Original--Double Dare, Most Creative--Anger Birds, and Best Costume--Charlie Brown and Lucy

She a'int afraid of no ghosts!

Kathryn as the Cat in the Hat!

Let's hope this Frankenstorm Sandy does not ruin Halloween for real!

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  1. SOOO FUN!!! But when/how did I get dubbed the promiscuous pirate?!?!