Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jamaica Mon'

Our last port of call was the love island of Jamaica!  This made my third trip to Jamaica and I just fall more and more in love with the beauty of God's creation when I am there.  The beautiful blue water, the awesome rain forest, and the 'no problem' attitude of the people!  And in case you were wondering, we (obviously) got asked if we wanted some ganja, but we (also obviously) declined!

Highlights of Jamaica:
1. Being able to do our excursion even though we thought it was going to be rained out
2. Zip-lining through the rain forest!
3. Going on a Jamaican Bobsled.
4. Singing the Banana Boat song in the shuttle van.

What's that?  You want to know what the Banana Boat song is?  Well for all you kids that grew up in the 1990s, I am quite sure you probably all saw the movie Beetlejuice.  Well remember the random dinner when they break out into song?  If not, you will want to check it out here!  Okay, okay, even if you do remember it, you should check it is awesome!  Well our bus driver all of the sudden broke out into song on the bus ride back to the ship from our excursion and THE ENTIRE BUS sang the chorus along with him.  IT WAS strange but AWESOME!

Anyway, on with the pictures....

The place where we had our excursion!
Just inside the rain forest---soooo pretty!

Big Trees and vines in the rainforest!

We had to take this sky ride thing up the mountain--it was like 15 minutes long--I was scared!
A view of the sky ride!
Bobsled Ride!

CJ and I in from of a big plant!

CJ and Kristi in front of the big plant!

Before the zip line....

Getting ready to go....

CJ goes "Wheeeee!!!"
I go "Wheeee!"
So excited!
So as we get to the end of the zip line, our only option was to FREE FALL, We all wanted another way down and hated this is Kristi falling!
The view from the top of the mountain looking at the boat!

On the sky lift back down, we had a friend join us!

Our bunny towel animal in our room for the night!

The last formal night....Enrique made me a little birdie!

Me and the birdie!

Then I got a hat!

Then Allan (another waiter, not even ours) made us a swan!  I tried to take it to the other table so they could enjoy it and it fell apart so I tried to remake it.....

Not nearly as good as Allan's!  Here I am showing off my work!

Here Kristi is showing off her work! :)

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  1. AHHHHH I totally just watched the YouTube video and it made me laugh out loud...

    I will say, singing that song on the bus was also pretty awesome!