Monday, October 22, 2012

King Family Reunion

After too many years, the King family finally reunited for a weekend of togetherness at the beautiful backdrop of Smith Mountain Lake!  With family pouring in at various hours during the weekend, I tried my best to capture the most people I could!  

Perfect weather for a wonderful weekend!

Our backdrop for the weekend!

Aunt Julia, Dad, and Uncle Coy--the first ones to arrive!
Mom and me out for a nice walk outside!
Donna, Todd, Dad, and Carolyn

Aunt Anne loving up on Brutus and Uncle Keith!
Me and Meagan
Caden playing with Mr. Potato Head
Amanda and Rowan

Joe and Uncle Allen

We got to celebrate 5 years with Max and Amanda!

Caden and Me!

Mom and Rowan

Me and Dad

Cousin Keith!

Uncle Keith

Aunt Betty and Aunt Julia!


  1. Do you guys ever just break out in song... "Oh I just can't WAIT to be King"?!?! I mean you guys already ARE Kings :) hahahaha