Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Roaring 20s...

Allow me to take a quick break from the cruise posts to go back in time....this past weekend, myself and 100 or so other Richmonders took a step back in time and spent an evening in 1920s Paris!  My friend, Lila, and her friend, Barrett, threw a huge soiree complete with can-can dancers, and one of those burlesque feather dancers (you know the ones with the big feathers that cover their body and all they wear is fancy undies and pasties).  Well needless to say, I was chilly so I cannot imagine how she was feeling.  

The night was grand and Lila and Barrett outdid themselves with the Paris theme--there was a HUGE Eiffel Tower in the neighbor's backyard, Can-Can dancer performance by the Richmond Ballet, a Parisian cigar room set up with old movies playing in the background, and lots and lots of flappers, gansters, formal wear, and boas!  It was a fabulous evening!

We managed to snap a few shots before we left the house for your viewing pleasure....
1920s Laura

1920s CJ

CJ and Me with our flapper outfits and cigarette holders!

CJ, Kathryn, and myself

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