Friday, November 16, 2012

95 years....

Let's think about that for a minute.  It is a LOOOOOOOOOOONG freaking time!

* It is 16.8 years longer than the life expectancy in the United States today.
* It is 5 years shy of a century.
* It is 3 times the life span of Jesus.
* It is 21 years younger than the oldest person alive in the world right now.
* If you are 95 today that means you were born in the same year as JFK and we know how far you outlived him!

Well I am sure you are curious as to what is so special about 95?  I will tell you.  Today my lovely grandmother Violet celebrates 95 years of life!

Happy Birthday Nannie!
Nannie has been a perfect example of the type of kindness and love I want to one day share with my grandkids.  She modeled what it mean to be loving, caring, and generous to me and on top of all that found time to teach me how to cook!  I remember countless times spending the night at Nannie and Pop's house and waking up to a yummy breakfast and then a day filled with crafts and cooking.  She used to take me to Piece Goods to shop for fun craft projects and was always willing to let me filter through her craft boxes to see what I wanted to make next.  To say she had a part in making me the person I am today would be a HUGE understatement.  My love for craft projects and cooking would most likely not exist if my Nannie had not taking the time to encourage my love for such things!  She truly is one of a kind!
Nannie and I

Last night, we had a HUGE gathering of family and friends to celebrate her birthday and her life!
So many people, I cannot get them all in one picture!
The Birthday Girl
I look forward to spending another year with this beautiful (both inside and out!) woman!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Nannie!!! :) 95 and kicking!!! Looks like she has a lot of folks to celebrate with her! :)

    I'm thankful that Nannie made you the person you are, too!!! :) Without you, I would not have very many crafty things in MY life! (I do like to cook, though) :)