Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apple Pie Making 101

My favorite part of Thanksgiving Day dinner?  The desserts, obviously!  The story of making apple pies starts 3 years ago when CJ first taught me to make an apple pie...after all the effort that went in, I declared that it would have to taste a lot better than Pillsbury for me to continue making them.  I took my first bite and went "Damn!  I will be stuck making pies every year from now on..."  And this year is no exception....right in the middle of my house sale, and a move across town, I thought..."hmmm, why don't we make a bunch of pies?"  And that we did!  Want to know how, just follow this simple tutorial!  

Rolling out the crust!

Baking the first 3!

Slice apples into a big bowl, cause you will need A LOT!

Don't forget the butter and spices!

Smile cause baking all night is FUN!



Get your mom to call her friends and tell them how happy she is to get apple pie!  Make sure to get a cute dog in a picture too, everything is better with cute animals!

Yeah, you will probably want some wine...or Margaritas to get through the evening!
What?  What's that you say, you have no clue how to make a pie after this lesson?  Well I guess you should probably make it a point to get invited to a Thanksgiving dinner that either CJ or I are present at!

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