Monday, November 19, 2012

Bawlmer Hon

Nope that is not another language, it is the dialect straight from Baltimore, MD, where I visited little Sara this past weekend.  Sara and I have been instant friends since freshman year at Virginia Tech, some 11 (!!!!) ish years ago.  The 7-8 years post-college have not done anything to waiver that friendship and we can always pick right up where we leave off when we visit each other.  It is a fun and easy friendship and I love it!  When we were discussing what we wanted to do this weekend, Sara and I both agreed that low-key was good.  So I arrived in Hampden, MD on Friday night and we meet up with Greg for a lovely dinner and a local restaurant.  It was very yummy and a great time of margaritas, tortilla chips, and good people and conversation!

Greg and Me

Then we walked around the area for a bit and headed back to Sara's for some fireside chats (minus the fire) and some cuddle time with peanut!  Sara and I, although we were in bed relatively early, managed to stay up talking (surprise) and playing family feud on our phones.  

Saturday we awoke early to Peanut pouncing on the bed then we played some more Feud before making the trek to 7-11 for morning Slurpee's (I know, I know, we are so alike).  One the walk back, Erica called to say she had arrived and we started the morning off right with some shopping downtown.  After multiple stores and a few bags later we stopped for lunch at King's Pizza (my request)

My name-sake!

haha rightfully so, since I am a King!
After being re-charged, it was off for more shopping and fun....
Sara and her Maryland Crab hat!
Then we left Hampden and headed by Ace of Cakes (also my request):
Oh hey Duff!!!
Before making our way to Arundel Mills for some outlet shopping (hey, what else are 3 girls supposed to do?)  I pretty much had to force Erica to come into Outdoor World with us....but how great it was cause we got some awesome pictures:

The Big Fish Tank in the store

Sara and Me with a fish photo bomber!

The girls ever so excited to put on camo hats!

And we ran into Rudolph before heading out!
We grabbed a quick dinner at the food court then headed back home.  We were exhausted and Erica was driving back to NoVA so we felt it was best to head back.  After a few more games of Family Feud and some reading in bed, I was asleep by 10:30 and it was fabulous!  All in all, a great weekend away with two of my favorite girls and in a super fun only lingering thought is...When can we do it again???

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