Thursday, November 29, 2012


So it seems that Black Thursday is the new Black Friday, at least here in good ol' consumer driven America!  Well, I have to say, I quite enjoyed the shopping at 10pm, rather than at 4am, or whatever ungodly hour I was up last year.  

CJ and I had decided we would hit the sales, I was in the market for a television for my bedroom, but alas we got to Target too late and they were all gone.  So we got a few things then got in the 25+ minute long line to checkout, weaving through aisles of bath products, my big black Friday purchase at Target?  A bottle of lotion, WHAT?  I was running low and we passed right by the aisle.

Then before Kohl's opened up, we decided to try one more Target!  On the way there, since I was dragging, we decided to stop at 7-11 for a surplee.  Here is how this played out:

Me (people in front of us getting lotto tickets): I don't get why people buy lotto tickets, it is such a waste of money
CJ: I don't know, sometimes I buy scratcher tickets!
Me: Well how much do those costs?
CJ: Like a dollar a piece
Me: We should get some!
CJ: Okay!

So we got two tickets and decided we would split whatever we won.  One card had a Christmas tree on it, so I took that one (come on, who doesn't love Christmas trees) and gave the other to CJ.  She scratched hers and won NOTHING :(  I scratched mine and won $40!!!!  

Sad her ticket did not win!

Rollin in the dough!!!

So an hour into Black Thursday shopping and I was up money for the trip!  Unfortunately my luck did not continue, as the other Target did not have my TV either.  So it was back to Kohl's we went!

I picked up a few things there, with coupons of course!  Then we decided to call it quits and go home to sleep!  Since we were in the shopping mood, we woke up on Friday and started again, this time hitting up the ABC store for the sweet Black Friday deals....priorities people....come on!

My Black Friday was complete when my dad helped me load up the truck with the last of the stuff from my old house:

Starting the adventure again with a new place, this time on the OTHER side of the river!

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  1. I love that we won money on the scratch tickets! That's my favorite story of Black Friday! :)