Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello Rental Living!

So as my previous post stated, I am now living in a rental house.  I did a little hop, skip, and a jump and I am on the other side of the river now!  So far, so good, but keep in mind I have only been there for a grand total of 5 nights there, so I really do not have a LOT to go on.  But because so many people have been inquiring, here are pictures of my new place for your viewing pleasure.

The new digs!

View right when you walk in the front door.
Living Room from the other side of the room

View from the dinning room--I love the instagram feel from this picture

Dinning Room

Also the kitchen, view of the washer/dryer and back door

My Bedroom!

Guest Bedroom

There is a reason this one is at the bottom, this is the future craft room, but is currently the through all the junk in here until I get time to unload boxes room!

There you have it, that is the quick tour of my new place, the only thing missing is for you to come visit!


  1. I'm pretty sure "Guest Room" should be labeled as "Anna's Room" :) xoxoxo Love your new place, and love you more!

    1. haha well you know you are welcomed anytime!!!

  2. I disagree, Anna, because the guest room should be labeled CJ's room not Anna's room! But the house is super cute! Welcome to the neighborhood!!! :-)

    1. And you too are welcome anytime :)