Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Day 2012

Turkey Day 2012 was awesome!  We had great food, great family, great weather, and I believe (at least some) fun was had by all!  Rather than regale you with tales of the day, I will let the pictures serve their purpose (plus really the day was eat, eat, clean, look at Black Friday ads, watch football, and chase Corbin)!

Yup Fried Turkey for dinner, be jealous!

Yes Please!

Super Yummy Mashed Potatoes--garlic, butter, cream, what is NOT to love?

Turkey getting carved up!

The Chef takes a break to capture a few memories!

The beautiful Tablescape!


Andy 'the shark' and Bons 'the turkey'

My thanksgiving Meal!  YUMMO

Wishbone!  Corbin would NOT touch it!

The Munchkin!!!

No one is looking so I will just take some of this cheesecake....BUSTED!!!!

Grandpa and Corbin!!!

Corbin as The Turkey!

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  1. Mmmmm... yummy... someday I gotta have me one of those fried turkeys! :)