Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend in Review....

Well another weekend has come and gone and I am once again tired!!!  I really need to learn to take a little time to relax on the weekends...Oh well, Thanksgiving will be here before I know it and we have 4 days off work together (don't mind that I am going to Norfolk, and moving over that 4 day span!)

So what did I do this weekend?  Well, checked everything off my list of things to get done this week (cleaned stuff out, took to goodwill, moved some furniture out of my house, saw Erica run a half-marathon, ran multiple errands, went to a party, worked the nursery at church, helped with the fellowship lunch, youth group, shopping with mom, cooked dinner, etc.) and I am sure threw a few other things in there just for the heck of it!

This upcoming week is going to be busy, as is next week; I have taken a new approach to my planner, where I look at my upcoming week about a week and a half in advance and find the days that I do not have anything and physically write "Don't plan anything!" down, this way I remind myself that I need some free time.  So far it has sort of been working---most of the time I end up planning something anyway, but hopefully it is more low-key.
Please note: Tuesday is my Don't Make Plans night :)
All in all, I feel like I am coming into the final stages of the move and getting excited about being able to sorta access all my things rather than going to look for something and realizing that I packed it a week ago.  It will be nice to be in a smaller place and be able to make the space my own.  I am excited about this new phase of my life (just ready to be at that place than in the preparation phase still). :)

Anyway, back to my weekend....Friday night, I made chicken taco salad from a pinterest recipe and CJ came over for dinner and we watched Rock of Ages!

Please note my dog would rather be around anyone than me! haha

Then Saturday we got up bright and early to go cheer on Erica during her half-marathon.  We made the best posters and were excited to show them off to the runners!

We had a few people ask if I promised?  I may have said Yes!

Got a lot of laughs on this one!
Here is Erica waving enthusiastically  around mile 8!
Our Third sign, which we used near mile 12, everyone was feeling like this I think!
Here is Erica right before mile 12 marker, she was VERY in the zone, we had to scream her name and jump up and down for like 15 seconds before she even saw us!!!
Back home, Brutus did NOT get the memo to do the CJ face!  
Roommate Reunion at Sweet Frog!
Just cause he is cute :)
There you have it, my weekend in review, hope you had a fun and productive weekend too!

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS I just love cheering at races :) Everyone always needs a little extra encouragement :) Such a fun weekend!