Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back to Yard Work

Well it was fun while it lasted, 4 years of not having to rake leaves, cut the grass, or weed.  All I had to do was turn on my irrigation and watch my two hydrangea plants, that I planted, bloom.  All that is over, there is no homeowner's association to cut my grass and rake my leaves here, so it is left to me (and CJ as the case was this time).  

Sunday after craft time, CJ and I started off at her house finishing up her yard, raking, picking up sticks and mowing up the leaves (much easier than trying to rake them into a bag).  About 3:30 pm we headed over to my house and got to work.  Before and After pictures to follow....

Before we started working on it!

CJ in action, I was raking, she was mowing....

After, definitely less leaves to be seen....Best sight of all, that tree that is almost leaf-less so it means next time, it should not be nearly as bad!

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  1. Look at what a nice backyard you have without leaves! :)