Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Parade Success!

So a few times when we were little kids growing up in Richmond, I remember attending the Christmas parade, but needless to say, it has been a LOOOOONG while.  Well when I saw it advertised and found out that it starts like 3 miles from my new place, I knew I had to go!  So I dragged CJ along with me and it was AWESOME!  I think we both decided next year, let's skip the grand illumination and just make it to the Christmas Parade!  I took waaaaaaaaay too many pictures so now you can see the parade through my eyes :)

Just waiting for the parade to start!

The motorcycle police starting things off


Dominion sponsored the event, so there were employees with hard hats (just like Anna Banana)

The Grinch!


Cute old men in crazy costumes!

Fruitcake Balloon, obviously!

Enough said, he was spinning that for a LONG time!

when they were in front of us, they spun Santa around and him and Mrs. Claus kissed---so cute!

Donate Life float, they had family members with signs that said their brother, or son donated life, kinda sad, but happy too!

Awesome outfits!

Renaissance Faire, yup, we decided we are going next year!

Wells Fargo Santa!

And this is where it started getting FUN....Prince Leia

Darth Vader

Storm Troppers

I dont even know.....

Go Rams!


Frosty doing the limbo under the light

Shriners in a car

Shriners in a bunch of little cars, racing!

Benedictine Band

To: the world
From: God
I said, CJ, i hope there is a baby Jesus

And I was right!


Random dog....

Color Guard, ahhh memories!

Roller Derby Girls

Yeah, cause every Christmas parade needs a toucan???

Hard to see, but its a pink ballet slipper!  CUTE!
We did not get to stay until the end cause I had to get my oil changed, so we missed Santa at the end, but no doubt I will be back next year!

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  1. Seriously it took me FOR-E-VER to scroll to the bottom of this! lots of good pics!