Friday, December 21, 2012

ChristmasTown Fail!

On Saturday, we loaded (literally--5 people in 5 seats) up the car to head to ChristmasTown in Williamsburg for a fun-filled Christmas activity   Only when we were in line to pay for parking, we say the flashing sign.....PARK TEMPORARILY CLOSED!  WHAT?  Are you kidding me?  (Actually a few of us had been pre-warned of this happening but we were willing to risk it!).

So we quickly invented a new plan, go to Yankee Candle and grab dinner.

Anna and CJ in front of the Christmas Tree

Me and the Nutcracker

Aubrey being the Thinker!

Well we still were not ready to admit defeat, so from dinner, we decided to walk around Colonial Williamsburg for a bit and see the lights.  Turns out there are not too many lights in Colonial Williamsburg (maybe they are keeping with the theme of no electricity during well Colonial time), so we really just walked through the cold streets singing Christmas carols and being goofy!

Kathryn and I in the stocks

Aubrey and Anna in the foot stocks

Kathryn and CJ in the stocks

The Williamsburg Inn

Anna and Aubrey in front of the Christmas Tree!

On my way home, I stopped by one last decorated house and wanted to document it as well :)
We might get a second shot at Christmastown before the year ends, we shall see....

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  1. YES!!! I think that is one of my fondest Christmas memories this year, followed closely by tacky lights tour! :)