Monday, December 17, 2012

Tacky Lights Tour

Every year around Christmas time, there are crazy people who find the need to over-decorate their house for the holidays.  And I am sure glad there are some crazy people that do it because I love going around to look at all the houses.  My phone camera really does NOT do them justice, but here are a few samplings....

This house had, by far, the most lights but it is really hard to tell that by this picture.  The whole backyard was done up too with its own Santa!

CJ with Santa!

Me and Santa!

Its real hard to see but there is a Duke dog in the lower left corner--GO JMU (just for you Anna!)

This whole street decorated!

Lots of colorful lights!

This house was awesome and synchronized complete with a Santa Claus sneaking around in the upstairs middle window!
For your viewing pleasure, here are two of the 4-5 videos I took while on this excursion!

(as a side note, please notice that I learned how to turn my videos the right way up--Thanks Google!)


  1. Your videos are "private" so I can't watch them! :)

    Too bad your photos are not nearly as cool as the houses were, but you get the general idea!

    1. I think i fixed the private thing to make public, try now :)