Friday, January 18, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

...but not anymore, kay?  I think the one time a year thing is great.  I can enjoy it, it can melt, and I can be on my merry way!  Richmond got some snow last night, and it was pretty!  Since we were going to be holed up anyway, CJ came over to 'weather' (haha pun intended) out the snow with me.  We had fun watching TV and chatting over dinner and watching the snow fall!  It was pretty, I must admit!  But I am glad the sun is FINALLY out today and I am excited about the warmer, dry temperatures, especially as I head up to NYC tomorrow!  And just in case you thought I was off of pictures since my last TWO post have not had are a few to 'wet' (hehehe) your appetite.

About 8-9pm last night when it was still falling!

Morning commute--see it is melting already...LOVE IT!
All in all, we decided we got about 3-5 inches (I think it was on the higher end cause there was a lot of dense ice falling too).

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  1. Haha! I still think it was only like 2-3 inches, but you know, just me! Love the photos... Snow is so pretty and peaceful and it makes me happy :) Or at least a couple good snowstorms a year does, after that I could get rid of it!